Mark Lalama Trio

The Mark Lalama Trio is Mark Lalama on keyboards and vocals, Davide DiRenzo on drums and vocals, and Rich Moore on bass and vocals.  


"I had such a great time performing with the Mark Lalama Trio. So musical: the playing, the singing, the song writing, the energy. It’s not a band for the faint of heart!  And they play together like a band-not just musicians thrown together. It’s hard to believe so much sound is coming from just the three of them. They are the total package." - Guido Basso, instrumentalist (trumpet, flugel horn, harmonica)/composer/conductor/recording artist/Order of Canada recipient.


“HOLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING. HOLY CRAP.”   -Sarah Slean, internationally renowned singer-songwriter/composer/recording artist/poet/visual artist. 


“The Canadian John Hiatt has arrived and is taking no prisoners.”  -Maury LaFoy, bassist and mutli instrumentalist/composer/producer.


"I am humbled when I hear work such as yours. It is so good." -Ian Thomas, multi award winning singer-songwriter.


"He's a giant. A true artist. I watched LEAVE THAT GUY over and over. I love him!" - Roger Hodgson, Supertramp


“Having heard the Mark Lalama Trio for the past 3 years, I'm always amazed when they play. Individually, they are first call musicians but when they play together, something else happens - something profound. Now Mark is a truly gifted songwriter - maybe songcrafter is the word here - and the songs can run from contemplative to uplifting to bourbon-soaked and when the band delivers them, I'm usually turning to the person beside me in disbelief asking, "did that just happen?" They can create such sweeping sonic landscapes and then bring it in to whisper in your ear - sometimes within the same song. The band moves through the dynamic and nuance of the music by offering and receiving so there is this grace, this openness between them in which we're invited to join.”  - Brian Andres, Applewood Hollow B&B


"Authentic. Engaging. Inspiring."  - Richard Mills, The Feldman Agency


"These three...draw you in and keep you there...taking you on a musical roller coaster that will have you smiling and laughing one minute and weeping the next. They are the appetizer, the main course and dessert all rolled into one deletable evening for the senses --  It just doesn't get any better than this."  - Deb Slade, Director, Centre for the Arts, Brock University, 2012 National Arts Presenter of the Year 


"There is a certain colour only visible when the sky breaks with wild thunder and fearless birds, There is an electric wave that moves out from the spirits of these three men, a single curve on the tide,  Glowing of a certain colour, Only visible when the sky breaks with wild thunder and the fearless birds forget to notice."  - Daniel Romano, singer/songwriter.






The Old Sumbler House recording studio is a stand alone building set on 8.9 acres in Fenwick Ontario, Canada.  Designed to facilitate live-off-the-floor recording with consideration for sight lines and isolation, it is flush with vibe, comfort and of course...GEAR! 

If you're interested in recording at The Old Sumbler House or in having Mark produce or play on your record please inquire here.

More pics here.

studio photos: imagesbygarytaylor

Here! Hear! Niagara Music Series.

photo by NiNo Ardizzi-dizzifoto

The FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre is home to the Hear! Here! Niagara Music Series hosted by The Mark Lalama Trio; Mark Lalama on keyboards and vocals/Davide DiRenzo on drums and vocals/Rich Moore on bass and vocals. In addition to the trio laying down their unique brand of soul engaging sonics, each concert features the band collaborating with special guest artists. A Niagara guest artist in addition to an international guest artist is featured at each show. 

“Think Elvis Costello’s Spectacle meets Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble” - Sara Palmieri

Past concerts have featured The Mark Lalama Trio with: Marc Jordan/Whitney P/Kevin Breit/Beth Moore/Suzie Vinnick/Joe Lapinski/Ian Thomas/Brittany Brooks,Gregory Hoskins/Ariana Gillis/Daniel Romano/Guido Basso/Wendell Furgeson/Janie Grand/Spencer Burton/Molly Johnson. 

The Series has been renewed for eight more shows through 2016-2017. 

Begining January, 2016 The Mark Lalama Trio welcomes special guests: Tomi Swick, Maureen Brown, Coco Love Alcorn, Mike Wainwright, Kevin Fox, Mel Monaco, Johnny Johnson, Elton Lammie, and Marc Jordan. 

Visit the Hear, Hear website for details.

Sisters Euclid

The Sisters Euclid are an all male, quartet, formed in 1996 in Toronto. The members are, Kevin Breit, Ian DeSouza, Gary Taylor and Mark Lalama. 
They have recorded and toured throughout the world and have won several awards, including a Juno award for Best Instrumental Recording in 2007 and a Best Electric Jazz Award. They have recorded 10 discs and one DVD.

Visit the Sisters Euclid website for more info.

Accordion Crimes

Accordion Crimes is a world music trio featuring Mark Lalama on piano/accordion and vocals, Rich Moore on bass and vocals and Penner MacKay on percussion. 

“Accordion Crimes was an unexpected hit at the Distillery Jazz Festival and was thus invited back. They wowed the audience with engaging and heart- felt music. At times mellow yet passionate, easy going and hard driving, sentimental then funky and quirky; at all times, entertaining. Accordion Crimes is a crowd pleasing act suit- able for a folk, pop, or jazz audience which cuts across demographic lines with their humour and musical excellence. They probably sold more CDs than any band in the festival!”  - Larry Rossignol, Director, Distillery Jazz Festival, Toronto.

“They make the darndest music!” -Jurgen Gothe, Host of CBC’s Disk Drive


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